The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules

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He is having an affair with Nurse Barbara, who realizes that some of the measures her lover is implementing is unethical, however, because she is interested in status, and securing her future, she looks the other way and helps to abuse the people who reside at Diamond House. For instance, Nurse Barbara gives the residents pills that suppress their appetites, so they will eat less, reducing the cost of food. The residents are also given pills that make them lethargic, so they are sleeping more and need less care, which allows the owner to reduce staff.

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The retirement home administrators close the kitchen and the gym to cut costs. It reaches the point, where residents receive one full meal a day, and for the other meals, they are given sandwiches, and they are allowed only three cups of coffee each day. The interesting thing is that there is a gym and kitchen for the staff, and the wonderful aroma of the food they are cooking wafts through the air tantalizing the taste buds of the deprived retirement home residents.

Martha has access to a master key, so one evening the five decide to investigate to figure out where the aromas are coming from. They find a fully-equipped kitchen with a refrigerator and freezer packed with wonderful foods waiting to be prepared. Martha, Rake, Brains, Christina, and Anna Greta are angry by what they see because they realize that the residents are the ones who are bearing the brunt of all the cost cutting while they are paying more to stay at Diamond House.

Brains, who is an excellent cook, prepares a meal for them that is worth talking about. After eating, they fall asleep because of the effects of pills they are taking, so they are discovered. Martha realizes that some of the pills they are taking are not for their health, so she stops taking them and tell the other four to stop taking them as well. They are less sleepy, and fortunately for them, they find the gym that the staff use to work out, and once again they use the master key, to gain access to the equipment.

They soon realize that the walkers are not necessary as their muscles strengthen. One day Martha notices a documentary on TV about inmates in Swedish prisons and decides to record it.

While watching the show, she discovers how much better prisoners are treated than people in retirement homes. The wheels in her head start to turn, and she concludes that they have to commit a crime, serious enough, so they are sent to prison. What's Ping?

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    The Little Old Lady Who Broke All The Rules

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