On the State of Egypt: What Made the Revolution Inevitable

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Egypt's inevitable result - or is it?

Egyptians have a yearning for freedom, justice, and a dignified life. This is the issue. To those who think they have a right to repress Egyptians, like Galal the butcher. This incident, full of details I received from Mohamed Fathy, contains the answer to the question, who is killing the poor in Egypt?


Responsibility for the deaths of poor patients in state-run hospitals goes. He dressed with the help of his wife, who again went with him to the hospital director, who examined him and repeated with regret that there was no medical explanation for the bleeding.

The director asked Amr Bey to continue with the drugs and the bandages. Amr Bey went back home, called the office, and told them he was ill and would not come in that day. He would sleep only for a few minutes before waking up to. Download sample.

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Skip to content. We chatted a while, then my friend looked politician who challenged President Mubarak in the elections. It is also the main pillar of the deep state. Working on local administration reform has never been an easy job and the progress has always been slow. It is striking that not many revolutionaries care about this strategic issue with the exception of very few movements such as Ma7liat, a grassroots youth movement that aims for the reform of local government in Egypt.

On the State of Egypt - E-bok - Alaa Al Aswany () | Bokus

Even though, believe or not, it is the key factor for the Egyptian revolution to succeed. The generals clinging to power to protect their interests know it. The Muslim Brotherhood knows it.

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And they are all preparing for it. President Anwar El-Sadat had an ambitious vision for local government in Egypt. The autonomy of local offices meant less dependency on the central government, which means that Pharaoh could lose his grip on the state.

It also would give the Egyptian people the chance to develop their local economy; have better education; more responsive healthcare and more improved public services. What to expect? If there is no popular pressure, then expect very minimal reforms. The current law number 43 for the year gives the president the right to appoint the governors directly and the rest indirectly.

Unfortunately most local seats are occupied by ex-military, police or remnants of the old regime.

Egypt: Nothing was inevitable

The appointment of General Ahmed Zaki Abdeen as the minister of local development, responsible for local administration affairs in Egypt, is quite troubling. It was a strange decision, especially since the Brotherhood itself has very competent candidates to run this ministry like the renowned ex-MP Saber Abd El Sadeq.

Egypt is not in a normal political situation.

Wael Ghonim: Inside the Egyptian revolution

Therefore, Egyptians need to pursue a more radical reform policy that limits the powers of the centralised authority and brings government closer to the Egyptian people.