A Million Ways to Die in the West

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Accidents are presented with an element of black humour.

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The most extended scene of violence occurs in a bar fight but this is largely limited to loud sounds of thumping as combatants brawl indiscriminately and smash bottles across heads. However a few stronger moments in this fight, such as a swiftly broken arm, faces smashed into tables or a man graphically stabbed in the neck with a broken bottle, increase the degree of violence in the scene.

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The dominant effect is of a comedic western which uses violence and socially inappropriate humour to entertain. Brief but bloody scenes of injury would be likely to shock and disturb younger audiences.

Moreover, the presentation of injury as comedy increases the likelihood of inuring them to depictions of violence in general. In addition, there are numerous sexual references which rely on an understanding of adult sexual behaviour and social acceptability for their humour.

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  5. Similarly, the bigoted attitudes presented for humour require a familiarity with both the frontier social context and that of modern society, suggesting a mature audience. The casual use of highly offensive language and limited depictions of drug use also support the need for restriction.

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    The above content is considered with the right to freedom of expression as set out in the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act Older teenagers have the maturity necessary to be able to place the above content within the context of a darkly comedic western. Therefore, restricting the availability of the publication to those aged 16 years and older is the lowest reasonable restriction which can be applied in order to prevent injury to the public good.

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      Classification criteria: Sex The publication uses numerous sexual references with humorous intent, such as Anna unconvincingly claiming to Louise that she and Albert have "a lot of sexual activity. MacFarlane being a disciple of Hope in spirit, if not in fact. Like Hope, Mr. MacFarlane is essentially a blank personality behind the facade of cynical, wisecracking toastmaster.

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      As the host of the Oscars, Mr. MacFarlane presented himself as a potential Hope successor but lacked the comic timing and chutzpah to pull off the charade.

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      MacFarlane implies that mischief can turn into mayhem at any second without letting his shell of bonhomie crack. MacFarlane as a bona fide movie star? He demonstrates enough confidence to emerge relatively unscathed from the movie, which he produced, directed and wrote with Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild , but he is far from imperial. At the same time, you wonder if someone else maybe Jim Carrey could have given Albert a stronger personality.