30 Days of Night

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Planes can't land in Barrow at night. Don't ask me why. The survivors hide in an attic, plunder a supermarket and scheme and plot to outwit the vampires; this time, at least, there is no crusty old-timer to say he's going to make a run for it, because of the miles of snow, etc. The vampires stalk the frigid streets, led by Marlow Danny Huston , who is actually quite convincing in the role.

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The most interesting aspect of the movie is Barrow itself. Folks are drawn closer together when they live in such extreme circumstances, although how they support themselves is a mystery to me. No mention of drilling for oil, maintaining the pipeline, guarding against missile attacks, hunting whales, carving scrimshaw, etc.

They seem to have settled there out of sheer perversity, and I guess they support themselves by selling stuff to one another.

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I award the movie two and a half stars because it is well-made, well-photographed and plausibly acted, and is better than it needs to be. Its director, David Slade, previously made the stunningly good " Hard Candy.

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Otherwise, this would be a radio play. I have pretty much reached my quota for vampire movies, but I shouldn't hold that against this one.

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Rate This Film How was it for you? Your Reviews One of the most effective vampire films for a while.

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Reviewed by Ann Kelly Updated 01 November Contains strong bloody horror violence and language. Average rating: 4 from votes. Your Name Your Comments Reviews will not be published over characters We reserve the right to edit your comments. One of the most effective vampire films for a while.

Plenty of others have gone different routes from the comedic Buffy the Vampire Slayer , to the artistic The Hunger , and the exploitative Blacula , to the metaphorical The Addiction , Forget cool, sexy, and beguiling — sometimes you just want a vampire movie that embraces their visceral nature and delivers sequences of full-on carnage and horror.

30 Days of Night

It also received a direct-to-video sequel in with the redundantly titled 30 Days of Night: Dark Days. Tougher, but livable all the same, at least until a mysterious ship arrives offshore and mysterious things start happening on their last day of sun. The official story labeled it a gas main explosion, but she wants everyone to know it was actually vampires. No one believes her, of course, but she still finds minor satisfaction in giving lectures and proving her claim by killing vamps in the audience with surprise UV lights.

The folks behind the camera are more promising as original writer Steve Niles returns to co-write again. The biggest plus here — aside from retaining creator Steve Niles — rests in the continuation of the story.

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